Here are some of the frequently asked questions people ask about the hire of our vans.

  1. Q/ What is the shortest time period I can rent one of your vans?
    A/ All hires are a minimum of 12 weeks from date of delivery.
  2. Q/ What is the longest time period I can rent one of your vans?
    A/ There is no maximum time period on a rental. If you want to try for the record the longest so far is 12 years and still going!
  3. Q/ What happens at the end of the 12 weeks?
    A/ When you no longer need the van, we ask that you give us two weeks notice so that we can book it in to be picked up. This applies whether you have had the van for the 12 week minimum, 12 months or even 12 years, its still always two weeks notice. You do not need to sign a new contract to keep the van past the 12 week mark, just remember to give us your two weeks notice at the end.
  4. Q/ Do I have to pay a bond to hire a van?
    A/ Yes, every van has a $600 security bond that needs to be paid at the start of the hire.
  5. Q/ Will you accept a Centrelink bond loan to cover my bond?
    A/ Unfortunately, Centrelink will not approve bond loans for caravans, even residential caravans. If this changes, then yes – we would accept it!
  6. Q/ Am I able to apply to Centrelink for rent assistance?
    A/ Most definitely! I am more than happy to fill in the ‘landlord’ section of the application for you - if you have the forms ready when we deliver the van to you, I can fill it out for you on site, otherwise either bring the forms in to us at our office or post them to us.
  7. Q/ Is it ok if I smoke in the van?
    A/ Sorry but the short answer to that question is no. although we don’t smoke we do understand that some people still need to, however when people smoke in the vans it gets into the curtains, the cushions, the mattress and even into the ply on the walls, making it not very nice for the next person who wants to live in the van when you are finished with it. An additional cleaning fee will be charged if a van comes back smelling of cigarette smoke.
  8. Q/ What about my best friend Fido or even his not so friendly mate Mittens, can they sleep in the van with me?
    A/ We love pets (well we love dogs anyway) but as much as we love them we need to say no to them being in the our vans. Even the cleanest of pets still leave hair in the van and an odour which gets into everything. Once again this really makes it not nice for the next person who wants to live in the van when you are finished with it and once again, there will be an additional cleaning fee charged if a van is returned with an animal odour, or with animal hair on the soft furnishings.
  9. Q/ Ok, I’m ready to hire one of your vans, now what do I do?
    A/ To start with we need a contract filled in(you can download the paperwork to fill in from here) and a deposit paid, then we can hold the van for up to two weeks for you.
  10. Q/ Can I live in one of your vans in a caravan park or even my local show ground?
    A/ Sorry but no. We are only able to have our vans situated on private property and cannot allow them to go into caravan parks or show grounds.
  11. Q/ If I have a suitable tow vehicle, to save having to pay the towing fees, am I able to pick the van up myself?
    A/ Unfortunately, no. Our vans are not individually registered - we tow them on a trade plate - and as such, they are not insured for anyone but us to tow them.
  12. Q/ What if we need to move the van to another site after the hire has started, can I do it myself?
    A/ Sorry but again, no. As none of the vans are individually registered or insured to be towed by anyone other than us. If the van needs to be moved give us a call and we will come out and move it for you. Please be aware, however, that we do charge an extra towing fee to come out and move the van.
  13. Q/ Is there a limit to how far away a hire can be situated, and what sort of site do we need?
    A/ We can take a van a maximum of 80km from our base in Underwood. Once we get there, we will need good clear access both in and out of the site, and a flat level site to set up the van.
  14. Q/ What happens if I change my mind after I have organised the hire, but before the van is delivered?
    A/ If a hire is cancelled before delivery, you will be charged a $100.00 cacellation fee.
  15. Q/ What happens if, when you deliver the van to my site, we find that it doesn't fit?
    A/ If we get to your site and find that the van cannot go where you need it to, and we need to take it back to our yard, you will be charged the $100.00 cancellation fee as well as the towing both ways.
  16. Q/ What do I need in the way of ID?
    A/ The only ID we need from you is a drivers licence (or other suitable photo ID).
  17. Q/ What payment methods am I able to use? Also, if I choose to pay by credit card, will there be a surcharge?
    A/ The most common payment method our clients use is direct deposit into our bank account(these bank account details are available upon request). We have EFTpos facilities in the office with a mobile unit we can bring to your site to accept payment when we deliver the van. Please let us know if you would like us to bring the machine with us, as we don't routinely carry it. Additionally, we are able to take credit card payments over the phone. Obviously, we also accept payment in cold, hard cash! Please be aware, though, that a 1% surcharge will be applied to all payments made via credit cards or credit/debit cards.
  18. Q/ At the end of my hire, how do I get my bond back?
    A/ The $600.00 bond paid at the start of the hire is returnable at the end of the hire so long as the rent is fully paid, and the van is returned clean and without any new damage. The bond will be returned to the person whose name is on the contract. The quickest and easiest way to have the bond returned is to supply us with the details of the bank account into which you would like the money transferred. Generally speaking, bond returns take between 5 and 10 working days to complete.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please feel free to either send us an email or call us on (07) 3341 5599 for a chat. Our business hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to midday on Saturday.